About SAGE Skills: Business

Practical business skills for professional success

SAGE Skills: Business empowers students to develop and practice real-world skills needed to successfully transition from campus to the modern workplace through interactive self-assessment, virtual scenarios, downloadable data, and expert insights.

This new interactive digital resource features both academic and practitioner experts in a library of flexible learning tracks across five in-demand categories. Supporting a wide range of courses, SAGE Skills: Business offers students a self-guided�journey to gain the career-ready skill sets essential for�professional success.

SAGE assembled a global team of scholars and professionals to create authoritative, engaging content that will improve career readiness for a broad range of students. These experts have carefully selected the skills known to be most critical for the modern workplace.

Covers over 850 in-demand topics across five modules:
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  • Why SAGE Skills: Business?

    The SAGE difference

    Unlike other skill-based resources, SAGE Skills: Business is built on the foundation of SAGE�s academic research expertise. Our contributors translate empirical evidence and combine that background with proven professional experience.

    Editors and contributors were given the directive to select the skills and topics they viewed as most relevant for today�s workforce such as work-life balance, the gig economy, implicit bias, data privacy, and intellectual property. The result? Highly practical and useful material for students.

    Why SAGE Skills: Business?

    • Five in-demand modules, approximately 50 skills, and over 850 skill topics
    • Multi-media content developed with a diverse, global perspective
    • Equips students to develop and practice real-world business and professional skills needed to transition from campus to the modern workplace
    • Digital learning resource with 24/7 access for in-demand skills
    • Simplicity of use with embeddable content including video clips and worksheets
    • Unlimited simultaneous access with no need to relicense content
  • Put knowledge into action

    Built for freedom and flexibility

    Supporting classroom instruction and course work, SAGE Skills: Business enables students to put knowledge into action with interactive application tools. Students can identify knowledge gaps and skill sets in need of development. Each module guides students to map their path to skill mastery via:

    • Interactive Scenarios�
    • Self-assessments�
    • Links to full-text SAGE Journals articles�
    • Consult the experts�
    • Live data embeds and Excel spreadsheets
    • Downloadable worksheets
  • Our commitment

    Committed to the future of business education

    The SAGE collection of business resources are created to foster the needed skills and strategy for transformative business research and future success.

    Learn more about our collection at sagepub.com/sage-business-and-management